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Colours used for the McGee website are green, white and orange, evocative of the Flag of Ireland which features the green of the predominantly Catholic South and the Orange of the predominately Protestant North.

Colours also used are blue, white and red, evocative of the French and Acadian flags, with the blue of the predominately Catholic French, and the red of Britain and the maple leaf of Canada.

Various historical and other images associated with McGee are included, including photographs (e.g. of McGee as a young man and a Father of Confederation), magazine illustrations (e.g. of McGee’s funeral) and photos of artefacts (e.g., the alleged gun of Patrick James Whelan)

Images are from the personal collection of Padraig Finlay, Library and Archives Canada, the Ottawa Citizen, and Google Images.

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Gallery 1 Etchings: Ottawa, 1960s, Parliament 1867, T.D. McGee Funeral 1868
Gallery 2 Photo Portraits: T.D. McGee
Gallery 3 Images: P.J. Whelan and Assassination of T.D. McGee
Gallery 4 Photos: Fathers of Confederation
Gallery 5 Photos: T.D. McGee Funeral, 1868
Gallery 6 Photos: Making the McGee! Video, April, 2010

"Ottawa 1860's"

"Parliament 1867"

"TD McGee Funeral 13th of April 1868"

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