MUSIC …Music composed for McGee!

Padraig Finlay worked with musicians Frank Cassidy and James Stephens in identifying significant events and experiences in the life of Thomas D’Arcy McGee. This resulted in Frank and James composing original music that reflect the forms and styles of traditional Canadian-Irish musical culture of the 19th century…with a few modern liberties. The music was recorded and is available on Compact Disc (CD)

In Honour of the Life & Times ofThomas D’Arcy McGee

Messrs Frank Cassidy & James Stephens
Original Music in Traditional Style

The CD has fourteen tracks, featuring ten musicians and at least nineteen instruments.
The work was funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Embassy of Ireland Cultural Fund.

The CD jacket which includes information on events in the life of T.D. McGee, provides context for the various music compositions.
Track 6 - “Lament for the Hon. Thomas D’Arcy McGee” the dominant theme music for the McGee! docu-drama video.

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